2nd World Congress on Pediatrics and Child care

Pediatrics Congress 2019 is an international conference, organized by Pulsus Group at Tokyo, Japan, on November 06-07, 2019.
Pediatrics/ Neonatology is a medical specialty that manages medical conditions affecting young people, children, and babies. Pediatrics is a subspecialty of neonatology that consists of the medical care of new-born infants, especially the premature or ill new-born infant.
It is a hospital-based specialty and is usually practiced in NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units).
The principal patients of the Pediatrician are new-born infants who are ill or require special medical care due to low birth weight, prematurity, congenital malformations (birth defects), sepsis, pulmonary hypoplasia, intrauterine growth restriction, or birth asphyxia.

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